GEORGIOS ZACHARIADIS, 25.3.1942 – 27.3.2020

In tiefer Trauer geben wir bekannt, daß unser geliebter Ehemann, Vater und Großvater Georgios Zachariadis von uns gegangen ist. Bedauerlicherweise müssen wir somit auch unseren kleinen Betrieb in Chios einstellen. Wir bedanken uns herzlich bei unseren Gästen und Freunden, die all die Jahre bei uns auf Besuch waren.

In deep sorrow we announce that our beloved husband, father and grandfather Georgios Zachariadis has passed away. Unfortunately we have to close our small family business in Chios in consequence. We would like to thank our guests and friends who have visited us all these years.

Fam. Zachariadis


Chios lies between the islands Lésbos, Sámos und Ikaría and is part of the eastern Aegean. With an area of approx. 842 square kilometers Chios is the fifth largest Greek island. About 30,000 of the approx. 55,000 inhabitants live in the capital town of Chios, which was settled in the center of the east coast. Chios is known above all for the many medieval villages (Pyrgi, Mestá, etc.) where the famous mastic trees are cultivated. The Byzantine Monastery of Néa Moní is also historically significant. The capital of Chios (also called "Chóra" by the local people) is the cultural centre of the island. The Chóra has many attractions to visit like the promenade with lots of cafés and bars, the old Kástro with its narrow alleys and the historical disused Hamám, the Archaeological Museum with its exhibition of ancient finds and the urban park siting an open-air cinema. The Kámpos is a fertile and flavoursome plain with historical Genoese villas and large citrus groves which are surrounded by walls of beige and purple colored sand-stone. Sunbathers will find numerous rarely visited pebble beaches with crystal clear waters all over the island. Due to the size of the island and the amount of wonderful places to explore we recommend our guests to rent a car or a motorcycle for a few days.

Capital city Chios



The Kámpos

Mávra Vólia

Photos © Nikolaos Zachariadis, Graz